Centre For Democratic
Development, Research
and Training (CEDDERT)


Organized to facilitate the dissemination and application of knowledge-based solutions and initiatives on issues faced by the Nigerian economy.


Offering unique opportunities to learn from diverse professionals which cuts across various fields of study.


Periodic stakeholder forums for evaluating projects, researches and other organizational developments implemented per time.

The Centre

In November 2009, the Centre moved from its rented quarters to its newly constructed offices on its 4.5 hectare permanent site at Zangon Shanu, along Sokoto Road, about a kilometer from the Ahmadu Bello Campus. Then President Shehu ‘ Yar Adua laid the foundation stone for the new building on 31st March, 2008, on the occasion of the Second Yusufu Bala Usman Memorial Lecture. However, the present offices and library have proved too small for our needs, and plans for expansion are on-going. It is expected that the new extension will accommodate 10 offices, as well as enlarged library space, including the newspaper library.

Meet our amazing team

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Muhammadu Mustapha Gwadabe

Head of ICT

Abdulkadir Adamu

Head of Adminstration and Library Services

Massoud Umar

Head of Research

Current Project

Understanding the Almajiri Phenomenon in Nothern Nigeria

Our Capabilities


To conduct research into policies and programmes that affect the lives and living standards or people In Nigeria using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Democratic Empowerment

To enhance popular participation in governance ov inana ways or empowerna people to participate Tully In the democratic process.

Societal Conflict Resolutior

To enhance popular participation in governance by finding ways of empowering people to participate fully in the democratic process.